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Who We Are

Our passion at Wilsonville Taekwondo Academy is heartfelt and dedicated teaching which encourages our students to aspire to greatness both physically and mentally. We display our passion for Taekwondo by embodying its core ideals of respect, integrity, and social responsibility so that we train not only great athletes, but great citizens.

We believe that everything should be done with purpose and on purpose. Everyone has some idea of what  they would like to get from Taekwondo, and whether this is becoming more physically adapt or achieving  focus, confidence, or control, it is within reach, and it is transformative. Self-development is a result of purposely posing challenges to ourselves and overcoming them; we train with purpose, and we live with purpose.

Practice refers to both the physical act of practicing Taekwondo, as well as practicing patience, humility, and respect. We believe that Taekwondo in its purest form is a practice that can be extended to the entirely of life to bring out the best in who we are, and help us achieve the best of who we can be.

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